S+S: Turnover in 2011 increased by 15 percent

2011 was a good year for S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH of Schönberg, Bavaria. With a growth of 15 percent S+S reaches a turnover of approximately Euro 34 million, the number of employees increased from 250 to about 300, reports the company.

For 2012 S+S is planning some reorientation. At the beginning of the year the VTC group ac-quired a 70 percent interest in S+S, which formed the basis for the company´s successful de-velopment. One important step is the organisational division into business units in line with the main operating sectors Plast, Food, and Sorting. This allows S+S to even more focus on the requirements of the respective industry sector and to provide custom-made solutions for every individual application. In the year 2012 S+S furthermore plans to invest about Euro three million in building projects at the plant in Schönberg. For the first time in the company´s history the number of employees at the company headquarters in Schönberg is expected to increase to clearly more than 300.

"Nine months after S+S became a member of the VTC group it is now clear that we have reached our objective of a healthy company that is optimally positioned for the future. S+S not only has ensured corporate succession, S+S also has established the basis for successful growth in 2012 and future years with the required investments in Germany and abroad", says S+S Managing Director Helmuth Frisch.