S&E launches filled and unfilled SEBS product lines

Compounder S&E Specialty Polymers LLC (Lunenburg, MA) has developed two new SEBS product lines, the TufPrene 2200 Series, a standard filled material available in 30 to 90 Shore A hardnesses, and the unfilled TufPrene 2000 Series. Both compounds can be color matched to specific customer requirements.

The thermoplastic elastomer compounds can be molded or extruded, and they bond naturally to PE, PP, nylon, and ABS. Described as PVC alternative materials, TufPrene products are suited for a range of applications including consumer goods such as knife handles and soft-touch storage containers, industrial power and hand tools, food contact and nonregulated medical products, automotive trim and cup holders, footwear, wire and cable jacketing, and window seals....

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