S&E Specialty Polymers brings materials expertise to design of prosthetic fin


It took seven years of design changes and considerable effort in material sourcing to develop a line of swim fins for amputees, but Amp Fins LLC (Danforth, ME) is now ready to bring this unique product to market. The company claims that the design is an improvement over the Rocket Fins used by Navy SEALs, and part of the credit, it adds, goes to compounder S&E Specialty Polymers LLC (Lunenburg, MA), which contributed its materials expertise to the project.

The initial mold for the prosthetic was designed by Randy Lord, an amputee of 22 years who sorely missed swimming at the beach, one of his passions. His determination resulted in he and his wife, Lori, filing for a patent in 2013 and, after overcoming countless manufacturing rip currents, planning for a commercial launch of the Amp Fin in Q4 2015.

One of the main challenges during product development involved finding a material in a durometer that was soft enough to prevent chafing but sufficiently firm to make a strong push in the water and stand on itself without deforming. The Lords consulted with their undisclosed molder, who recommended S&E Specialty Polymers.

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