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SZCX250/60 one step 3 station injection blow molding machine

SZCX250/60 injection blow molding machine

One step 3 station injection blow molding machine tailored fully according to customers' request, suitable for plastic bottle.

SZCX 250/60 Injection blow moulding machine(IBM)
Other model;SZCX130/30,SZCX160/45X, SZCX160/45, SZCX300/70X, SZCX500/135X

One step automatic injection blow molding machine for 2-500ml PP, PE,PC, PS, ABS, BAREX material, one layer plastic bottle making in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic packing industry.

1) Bottle neck moulded by means of thermo-runner system.High pressure injection making accuracy of bottle mouth,bottle neck and screw thread as well as sealing ability.No joint seam,no leftover bits making reduction of raw material.

2) High efficiency of continuous production with the horizontal three-position swivel device .Automatic manufacture, no secondary pollution conforming to the requirement of sanittation.

3)Using fame brand and high quality hydraulic,pneumatic and electrical elements ensures the system's good preformance and high reliability.

4)Double propertional hydraulic system making the adjustment of hydraulic system handy and keeping system stable in performance.

5)Advanced and accurate PID temperature control system.


Injection system Unit SZCX 250/60
Dia.of Screw mm 52
Screw L/D 22:1
Max Theoretical Shot Volume cm3 264
Injection Weight g 250
Plasticing Capacity Approx g/s 58
Max.Screw Stroke mm 180
Max Screw Speed rpm 10~235
Total Power for Charging Barrel kw 10.5
No.of Heating Zone Qty 6
Clamping System
Injection Clamping Force kn 600
Blow Clamping Force kn 80
Opening Stroke of Mould Platen mm 120
Max Swing Radius mm 570
Liftion Height of Rotary Table mm 60
Max Platen Size of Mould (L×W) mm 680×400
Min Mould Thickness mm 280
Mould Heating Power kw 6
Stripping System
Stripping Stroke mm 225
Dry Cycle Time s 3.2
Driving System
Motor Power kw 30
Hydraulic Working Pressure Mpa 14.5
Product Dimension Range
Range of Formability Product ml 5-1000
Height of Formability Product mm ≤200
Dia.of Formability Product mm ≤100
Compressed Air Pressure Mpa 0.7~0.9
Compressed Air Discharge Rate m3/min 0.8
Cooling Water Pressure Mpa 0.3~0.4
Total Power kw 46.5
Operating Power 52~70%
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 4000x1490x2400
Machine Weight Approx. T 8.5