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Safety starts with our most recent and innovative round separator model … the MX™ Vibro-Energy® Round Separator. The totally enclosed weight guard prevents “reach-in” injuries and complies with European Machinery directive 2006/42/EC . Making use of the appropriate motor, the MX also complies with ATEX Standards 94/9/EC. The open base construction allows for cleaning underneath the unit, preventing dirt and product build-up to occur. Additionally, the MX base design eliminates all gussets and external crevices where product can become trapped while allowing for total external polishing of the machine. These features allow for a more sanitary designed separator. The open construction scheme also allows for easier inspection and cleaning of the separator’s underside. Angled support springs minimize aggressive vibration that typically occurs during shutdown of the machine. The extremely rugged construction of the MX utilizes conical construction rather than flat plates which creates a more rigid geometric structure. This concept has been successfully tested and proven through millions of high G life cycles.

If keeping your separation process sanitary is a challenge, SWECO can provide solutions to make you feel at ease. The SaniSep Plus™ is manufactured with a crevice-free interior and streamlined exterior. Its “no-gap” design minimizes the gap between the frame and the screen ring where product build-up can occur. The SaniPlate Perforated Plate Screen requires no spot welding. This eliminates the gaps that occur on conventional perforated plate screens, eliminating the possibility of material getting trapped.

The Bag Dumper and Screener System was designed to help keep workers and the environment safe. The system is ergonomically correct at the standard height of the worker to avoid potential injuries. Additionally, a dust collection system can be integrated, protecting operators from virtually all harmful dust particles escaping into the work environment, while efficiently channeling materials from bags into a SWECO Separator.

To make certain that your product doesn’t get contaminated in the separation process, SWECO offers various magnets, magnetic screen cloth and magnetic self-cleaning balls and sliders to assure that metallic material doesn’t make it through the separator and contaminate the end product or cause problems with downstream equipment.

SWECO also offers several options to lessen the noise of your separator. Fusion™ Sandwich Screens reduce noise levels as much as 16 decibels dB(A) compared to traditional self-cleaning kits. The Quiet Clean™ Perforated Plate reduces noise levels by over 13 dB(A), and the SWECO Super Sliders can reduce noise levels by as much as 8 dB(A) compared to the standard sliders.

For processes that are sanitary and highly static, SWECO offers products to assure that your process is conductive and FDA compliant (including EC1935/2004). Conductive spout connectors are available in FDA acceptable materials to control the static charge and arcing that can cause dust ignition. The C2™ Gasket is a co-extruded product of FDA white silicone and conductive black silicone, producing a gasket that can be used in food and high static processes.

No one has more experience in creating separation solutions than SWECO. Let us secure your plant with the safest separation equipment in the industry.

SWECO serves the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, mineral, paper, and many other industries with a complete line of separation, sizing and milling equipment.

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