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SUKANO® White Masterbatches for gloss, brightness and opacity into PET


When it comes to a spectacular white in containers, thermoformed trays, and thin films for coating, converters can benefit from ultimate quality and purity with Sukano’s white masterbatches. They can speed up their production processes, reduce machine downtimes and save cost.

What is the SUKANO® White Masterbatch offering?

Sukano white masterbatches feature high pigment concentration and excellent dispersion.

In thin film and oriented film applications, e.g. for yoghurt lid production, they significantly improve filter behavior, efficiently reducing downtimes and logistic costs caused by clogged filters. They come highly loaded, so a very low dosage is enough to make a major optical difference. In thermoformed trays and packaging applications this enables excellent color results with high purity and cost efficiency.

In the production of containers, e.g. PET milk bottles, the use of Sukano’s white masterbatch eliminates screw slippage or mold deposits. This ensures a stable manufacturing process and fast cycle times. Thanks to the excellent dispersion, optimum opacity can be achieved even at minimum wall-thickness, enabling significant material cost savings.

Specific masterbatch grades are available for durable applications having to withstand weathering.

All Sukano white masterbatches follow the purity statement and are based on virgin polyester carriers. No regulatory compliance issues caused by high migration levels.

About Sukano:

Sukano (www.sukano.com) is an expert in the development and production of functional and optical masterbatches, special compounds and blends for improving the properties of bio and oil based plastics for the plastics manufacturing industry. Sukano is dedicated to consistent quality, reliable performance and ultimate purity. The company’s promise is “Add a little. Gain a lot.” Only low amounts of Sukano’s innovative compounds and masterbatches help customers worldwide solve problems, increase productivity and add extra value to their products. Sukano operates production sites in Switzerland, the U.S. and in Malaysia and a global distributor network.


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