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STORK K 2013 Düsseldorf show information

STORK will show the latest developments in injection molding machines and technology at the K' 2013 in Hall 13/D72. The exhibits are targeted to show optimal efficiency in production systems for fast, high-tech packaging applications. The injection molding machines on show provide the most energy efficient and sustainable production available. For specific products, STORK can specify an accurate energy consumption as part of a TCO calculation for production cells. Thus enabling sustainable plastics production with the lowest carbon footprint.


At the K 2013 fair, STORK will exhibit 5 machines in cooperation with its partners.


4 of these STORK machines on show are designed as hybrid machines with different variations of optional electrified executions of drive systems.


The 5th machine, a full electric STORK machine on show is designed for optimal energy consumption at highest possible production speeds. ( Photo attached )


New at the K-show is the introduction of 5 application specific machine executions.


STORK will introduce the STORK FOOD LINE specifically for food applications. The STORK POT LINE will have the optimal execution for producers of pots. The STORK PAIL line is the machine range benchmark for pail producers. The STORK 2-FIT line is especially equipped for the production of fittings. Finally the STORK CRATE line is the machine producers will use to produce crates.


The machines on show are equipped with those packages and have the optimal execution for their specific application.


STORK 2500-1450

This hybrid machine with 2500 kN clamping force is optimal equipped for a high speed thin wall food packaging application. It will produce a rectangular 150 gram food container with IML with a 4 cavity mould in 2.0 seconds cycle time. The production cell will be equipped with a BRINK fast side entry IML system. The machine is equipped with a roller rail system for the precise guidance of the moving platen. The maximum mould height is enlarged for optimal use of stack moulds.


STORK 5500-5650

This hybrid machine has a clamping force of 5500 kN and is optimized for the production of flower pots in multi cavities. The machine is equipped with an electrical clamping unit. The machine has a dry cycle of less than 1.7 seconds. At high speeds of more than 2.0 meters per second of the moving platen, the lowest energy consumption will be achieved when kinetic energy is transformed back to electricity by a feed back unit. The machine is also equipped with a very high-performance injection unit. Injection speeds are closed loop controle up to 1000 mm/seconds.


STORK 2000-850

This full electric machine with 2000 kN clamping force will produce a round food container. The container will have a EVOH barrier layer from EVAL with excellent bonding, applied by an IRIS co-injection unit supplied by Moldmasters. The products produced in 4 cavities will be taken out by a BRINK side-entry robot and checked by a IMD VISTA camera control system.


All machine movement have an electrical drive system to ensure the lowest energy consuption possible. This machine will ensure the lowest carbon footprint production possible.


STORK 9000-8650

This hybrid machine will show its high-performance at producing a consumer crate of 2220 grams in 30 seconds. The machine is equipped with a high performance injection unit with special 27L/D mixing screw with special geometry for optimal output and colouring. This machine will ensure the highest production output at very low energy consumption.


STORK 3300-1450

At the Polymac booth Hall 13/B59 this machine will produce a 4 liter pail with IML in 7 seconds. This machine is equipped with a POLYMAC IML and take-out system. The shot weight will be 150 gram.


General company information:


STORK Plastics Machinery B.V. is supplying injection moulding systems to the plastics processing industry since 1967. Reliability of products and organization, focus on customer oriented actions and flexibility are key-items to our success.


STORK injection moulding systems excel in speed, reliability and efficiency. Our company aims to have an optimal after sales performance and have a customer relation based on trust and understanding of the customers needs.


The headquarters of Stork Plastics Machinery is located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Here the company has its engineering and production facilities. The international markets are served from its headquarters and subsidiaries as well as local representatives.


Stork Plastics Machinery is ISO 9001 certified.


Contact data :

STORK Plastics Machinery B.V.

P.O. Box 195

7550 AD Hengelo (Ov.)

The Netherlands

Tel : ++31(0)74 240 50 29

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