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Thanks to the new 5-axis cutting head "I-Head" from IGEMS, the proven STM cutting system has finally achieved all-rounder status

Bischofshofen. Everyone is talking about waterjet cutting as an economic and universal cutting process for an extremely wide range of materials and material thicknesses. Now, Austrian waterjet cutting specialist, STM, has provided the icing on the cake by providing an exceptional range of possible cutting applications, because with the new, 5-axis "I-Head" swivel head, STM systems can also produce highly precise chamfer cuts as well as sloping recesses in the workpiece surface. A 2-axis swivel-joint enables a swivel movement of 45 degrees in all directions without displacement of the tool center point. The new 3D swivel head is a development of the Swedish IGEMS make. It is suitable for all STM systems with 5-axis NC control and can be retrofitted at any time. The "I-Head" is offered as a package with a matching software module from IGEMS at prices starting from € 40,000 with a delivery time of 16 weeks.

The I-Head is STM's kinematic solution for 5-axis cutting processes using STM waterjet technology. Thanks to the fixed tool center points, the cutting angle can be changed as desired without requiring movement of the X-, Y- or Z-axis. The result is the smallest possible movement of the machine during the cutting process. This not only guarantees excellent cutting, but also optimum use of the cutting table. The machine moves accurately according to the cutting geometry, independent of the cutting angle. I.e. the swivel head can not only make precise straight cuts, it can also precisely cut sloping edges, weld preparations of all types and 360 degree countersunk round holes in stainless steel. Thanks to the 2-axis swivel joint, the cutting nozzle of the I-Head can also be swivelled, not merely rotated as with the heads of other manufacturers. This construction guarantees changing of the cutting angle within milliseconds and is the basis for optimum cutting angle compensation. The novel constructive solution means the cutting nozzle can be moved in an endless spiral movement, without the high-pressure and abrasive lines becoming snarled.

The Z-axis is equipped with a mechanical height sensor, with which, even with skewed workpieces, absolute dimensional stability of the produced cut geometry is guaranteed. A further important task of the height sensor is protection of the focussing tube, in order to prevent unnecessary cost increases due to its fracture.

Apart from the construction details, the matching software also has decisive advantages because, in contrast to other 5-axis cutting ranges, the I-Head software is extremely easy to use. For chamfered cuts, only the desired angle as well as the depth of the chamfer must be entered as additional parameters in the software.
Also, thanks to the very tight tolerances, the loss of quality, normally associated with waterjet cutting systems, of the produced cutting edge between top and bottom sides of the cut material is avoided, even with extra thick materials. This is achieved by the 5-axis angular error compensation, which the software uses to match the angle of the cutting head to the cutting speed. Thus the top and bottom sides of a workpiece are cut uniformly with the highest dimensional stability.

The I-Head was developed as an integrated system within the highly-developed IGEMS-R/ range with the portal waterjet systems from STM and specially adapted for 5-axis machining using the company's own CAM module. If you are interested, you can check-out the performance of the "I-Head" for yourself, without obligation, by way of a test cut or, at any time, in the machining centre at the STM head office at Bischofshofen. Upon request, you can also be provided (free of charge) with a tailor-made system solution, including a cost-benefit analysis, so that you can assess the suitability of a 5-axis system against your requirements.

STM is a leading provider of waterjet cutting systems with its head office in Bischofshofen, Austria. For more than 20 years, the traditional company has developed future-proof production solutions, primarily for the steel, aluminium, metal, plastic, stone and glass industries, which are most notable for their efficiency, ease of use and resistance to wear. Alongside future-proof technology and quality as standard, STM places great emphasis on innovative full service. In so doing, the brand name manufacturer ensures that its individual manufacturing processes are continually matched to the current requirements of its customers. STM cooperates with the German, Schweinfurt-based company, Maximator JET GmbH, in the fields of development and sales. Maximator Jet chooses STM systems for their reliability and quality.

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