SPI pursues zero waste strategies; appoints Kendra Martin to lead the brand owners council


The overall goal of zero waste should be to keep plastic out of the landfill, William Carteaux, president and CEO of SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, told PlasticsToday.

"What it doesn't mean is eliminating plastic as a packaging material because when we look at sustainability, we are and should be considered one of the significant materials of choice," he said. "We're focused on closing the loop and also looking at education, conversion and technology. It's really going to run the gamut."

SPI formalized this priority by including the pursuit of zero waste strategies in its newly approved mission statement.

"We have had a strategy for zero waste, which is an evolving process, but having it front and center in our mission statement helps the organization focus on the issue as a whole," Carteaux said....
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