SPE's mold designer of the year


The Society of Plastics Engineers Mold Making & Mold Design Division named Arthur Stoll, of Armin Tool & Manufacturing Co., Mold Designer of the Year 2010. Stoll, who founded Armin in 1952, helped to set the industry’s bar for quality moldmaking, according to the SPE. As a maker of high-volume, multicavity molds for the injection molding industry, Stoll brought his “flair for ingenuity and problem-solving into every project,” said the SPE.

Wayne Hertlein, chairman of the SPE division and former Armin apprentice, is himself a Mold Designer of the Year honoree (2004), and presented the award to Stoll. “It was both an honor and a privilege to present Art with the 2010 Mold Designer of the Year award. I was privileged to serve my apprenticeship at Armin Tool and have Art Stoll as a mentor. I feel that the training I received gave me a solid foundation for learning the craft of mold making and mold design.”...
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