SMC Corporation Limited


Three years have passed since the last K-2007. The last show has brought business opportunities to SMC through new direct Customers and new Sales Agents in its new sales territories. K-2007 was a success to SMC in many ways, and this year, SMC is looking more upbeat and optimistic with what K-2010 will bring!

SMC Corporation Ltd., Thailand, has maintained its leadership in the supply of good quality Extrusion Blow Moulding machines and Injection Blow Moulding machines in the Asian market and in many parts of the world. For many years now, SMC preserves its golden principle of manufacturing machines based on “European standard with Asian Price Tag”. SMC continues to grow despite of the economic turmoil happening around the globe. Thanks to its conservative but strong management and leadership. Thanks also to its continued Research & Development Program that always bring innovative solutions and new technology to its products, giving importance to production & machine efficiency, thereby bringing profitability to SMC’s beloved customers.

SMC boasts of its versatility in the supply of various machine model series for blow moulding and injection blow moulding processes, as well as making tailor-made machines for special and technical products. Basically, SMC Customers can choose from simple and inexpensive machines to high end (and high tech) but with reasonable price level. Meanwhile, in order to suit to SMC Customers’ demand of machines with increase in efficiency and productivity, SMC has fully launched its DTC-Linear model series. This completely developed Extrusion Blow Moulding machine type, SMC-5000DTC will be exhibited in K-Show 2010 – along with SMC’s high speed Injection Blow Moulding Machine, model SMC-85IB.

Finally, in this year’s K-2010, SMC comes to the Show with its Thailand based business partner, PTT Chemicals – as Co-Exhibitor. The partnership between SMC and PTT was established based on parallel vision which is to provide Customers’ Satisfaction! PTT Chemicals is Thailand’s leading petrochemical and resins producer with Olefins production capacity of more than 2 Million Tons a year. PTT Chemicals is hoping to expand its international market base to other parts of the world – alongside SMC Corporation Limited.
We invite you to visit us at Hall 14: Booth No. A58