SKZ: New Continuous Mixer installation completes compounding facilities

SKZ, the German Plastics Center, and Farrel Corporation have formed a partnership for continuous compounding research and development. Farrel will install a CP125 Continuous Mixer in the SKZ Compounding Lab for evaluation and process development.

The Farrel Continuous Mixer is a well-established compounder. The CP125Continuous Mixer is adept at processing polyolefin based compounds with particular strength in producing masterbatch. This processor is designed for processing high levels of mineral fillers, additives, pigments, polymer-elastomer blends and applications requiring high intensity mixing of temperature sensitive materials.

With this equipment in place, SKZ further strengthens its position in compounding research and development. Prof. Dr. Martin Bastian, SKZ's CEO, and Dr. Peter Heidemeyer, Managing Director R & D, are very happy with the compounding technology now available at SKZ's compounding lab. Companies can conduct trials and advance their process and formula developments on-site.