SKC completes PU system house in Poland

The plant is located in one of Poland's special economic zones in the southwest of the country. The facility has an annual production capacity of 20 kt and will focus on supplying systems for automotive seating foam manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of insulated building products for housing and cold storage.

Poland is seen as an excellent strategic location from which the company will supply customers across Europe including Russia. The plant will also act as a storage base into which it will import Korean made raw materials to supply to customers in Europe. The Polish systems house brings to three the number of overseas plants operated by SKC. In May this year SKC also completed its polyurethane plant in Covington, GA, USA.

The Korean company has plans to expand its annual overseas systems capacity to 100 kt through expansion into India and Southeast Asia. SKC plans to build three additional PU system houses in these markets by 2013.