SIPA collaborates on innovative, lightweight PET pressure vessel liners


When it comes to pressure tanks and cylinders, it's important to get it absolutely right. Which is why, when CTS Composite Technical Systems, an innovative company specialized in the manufacture of pressurized cylinders, needed help with the development of an innovative range of ultralight high-performance compressed gas cylinders, it called in PET preform technology specialist SIPA, to supply the expertise it was lacking.

CTS, headquartered in Udine (Italy), was in the process of designing a new "Type IV" pressure tank, when it ran into difficulty. Type IV pressure vessels offer various advantages, including a lighter weight, less maintenance and a longer service life. Unlike Type II and III tanks, which have a metallic liner over which an overwrap such as carbon fiber or fiberglass is applied in a particular pattern over the liner's cylinder sidewall, Type IV cylinders feature (thermo)plastic liners inside a fully wrapped protective skin made from a continuous carbon fiber reinforced plastics composite. The overwhelming majority of type IV pressure cylinders on the market today have blow-molded liners made of high density polyethylene.
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