Eurofoam S.r.l.


FOAM AND COMPACT SILICONE ROLLS PRODUCTION We produce FOAM AND COMPACT SILICONE ROLLS realized by EXTRUSION. We make a semi-finished tube product in raw Silicone in different thickness and width through an extrusion machine with a screw of diameter of 250 mm. At the beginning semi-finished product is cut on half and put on a belt where we set the width up; then the paper is put into the hot air oven for the vulcanization; at the end it goes to the automatic winder which prepares rolls package. This technology allows to produce thickness starting from 0.5 mm and different width (till 1400 mm for some thickness) without any Silicone reject (sheet width has been set before the vulcanization up). The difference between this technology and the traditional calender system is that our machine allows to produce widths out of standard without extra costs, less use of staff and the hot air oven has a faster exchange of thermal energy which allows a faster vulcanization than a traditional oven. This oven has also the peculiarity of a very small section room from where the hot air is concentrated by the ventilation installation with different advantages like low energy loss and production small spaces request.