SIGMA's 3D simulation suite benefits Penn State Erie's medical plastics program


SIGMA Plastic Services Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) has donated a suite of its polymer process simulation software to Penn State Erie's School of Engineering, a gift valued at $3.7 million that will add to the technical capabilities of the school's soon-to-open Medical Plastics Center of Excellence and current Medical Plastics certificate program, both of which address the emerging medical plastics market.

James Chiamardas, president of TPStek a SIGMASOFT reseller, noted that this is the first gift of SIGMASOFT's 3D injection molding simulation software to a college or university in the U.S. Christof Heisser, president of SIGMA Plastic Services, noted the growing importance of simulation programs and how they have radically altered manufacturing. "Simulation has revolutionized the manufacturing world in the last 25 years and become an integral part of the manufacturing process," Heisser said. "It is, therefore, essential to integrate this technology into the education of the next generation of engineers, and we at SIGMA are proud that one of the leading universities in the manufacturing world has decided to work with our simulation tool."
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