Belgian Monitoring Systems BarcoVision

SGT to reduce CO2 emissions using EnergyMaster.

French PET preform injection molder, Société Général Technique (SGT), has decided to install the EnergyMaster system from BarcoVision in its Reze plant (close to Nantes). SGT is already using the BarcoVision PlantMaster MES system to control the production and quality of its 15 injection molding machines.
In addition, EnergyMaster will now be deployed to measure and analyse the energy consumption and energy efficiency of the chillers, raw material dryers, compressors, pumps, regrinder and the injection molding machines. SGT claims they will be able to make significant savings on their energy bill by discovering where and when energy is used or spoiled. Air leakages, heaters left on during non working shifts, motors running during machine stop,… are only a few examples of the enormous saving potential, which can be achieved without any further investment. Furthermore SGT will now be able to analyse the energy used per mold, product, production order, etc which is vital information for the sales and cost accounting department. Finally, EnergyMaster will translate the energy consumption in C02 emission numbers and report the reduction of these emissions made possible through an environmentally conscious approach of the production of PET preforms.