SGL Group adds fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material to organic sheet range


SGL Group, a producer of carbon-based products with headquarters in Wiesbaden (Germany) has announced that it is adding organic sheets made from carbon and glass fibers to its portfolio.

Organic sheets are continuous fiber-reinforced laminates with a thermoplastic matrix. They combine the positive fiber properties of composite materials, such as high rigidity and low weight, with the familiar processing advantages of thermoplastics. Components made from organic sheets can be shaped in any final product geometry, and can also be repaired and recycled effectively.

"Thermoplastic fiber-composite materials are a class of materials that offers completely new application and processing possibilities for carbon-fiber materials," said Andreas Wüllner, Chairman of the Business Unit Carbon Fibers and Composite Materials. "Thermoplastic solutions address key issues in the industry, such as short cycle times, weldability, repairability or recycling. Together with our customers, we can benefit from the cost and processing advantages involved."

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