SAM (Sung An Machinery Co., Ltd.)

SAM North America Announces a New Facility in Upstate New York

SAM North America LLC, a member of the SAM Group, purchased a 1210,000 sq ft (1115 930 sqm) facility in Phoenix, New York and will relocate from their existing offices in August 2013. This new location will supply sales, customer service, project management, process support and spare parts to its growing customer based in the extrusion, solution coating, and gravure printing industries, further supporting the activities of SAM’s worldwide headquarters in Seoul, Korea.
In addition to a sales and operations office, the facility will be home to a new pilot extrusion line which is currently en route. The pilot extrusion machine is capable of producing extrusion coating on film, foil, and paper board. It will also produce flat cast film and embossed cast film as well. Capable of a width to one meter maximum, this line is capable of running up to 600 mpm. Unique features include in-line chemical priming and a Nordson EDI 5-layer feedblock with layer multiplier technology of up to eleven layers.
SAM North America LLC will schedule an open house to showcase the new site and capabilities of the pilot line. The pilot extrusion line will be operational in the Fall 2013 and in addition to SAM’s use of the line for new technology development, it will be available to customers for product development. resin and chemical testing.