From October 16 to 23, at the K Show in Düsseldorf, Germany, Saint-Gobain Seals Group will be showcasing their wide range of polymer solutions, which includes their Meldin® and Rulon® product lines. Both have been globally used in a variety of applications for many different markets, including wear and friction components for the aerospace and automotive industry, sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry, and structural equipment components for the electronics and industrial industries. Specific examples include Rulon® ball bearings on the Mars Rover Curiosity, Meldin® 7000 bearing components on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket (that was launched to the International Space Station) and Meldin® injection molded PEEK bearings in the world’s first full-powered, reusable, battery-operated endoscopic surgical stapler.

The Meldin® product line consists of the most complete range of thermoset polyimide and engineered thermoplastic materials available on the market today. These materials are available in compression or injection molded and machined components as well as basic shapes for customization and design flexibility. Among the different grades, Meldin® 7000 series is the Seals Group’s state-of-the-art polyimide product, developed for highly demanding wear, friction and temperature applications such as thrust washers, sealing rings, and bearings. The Meldin 7000 series materials are also well-suited for structural component applications requiring extreme electrical or thermal insulation properties, high purity, low outgassing, and outstanding chemical resistance. The Rulon® product line is a family of proprietary fluoropolymer compounds, mostly PTFE based resins, engineered and developed for specific custom applications. This product line includes a variety of high-performance bearings and components, primarily used in mechanical, electrical and chemical applications, and withstands a variety of harsh environments such as extreme dryness, cryogenic temperatures, water, steam and hydrocarbon fuel.

The Seals Group will be exhibiting in Hall 08A, Booth #H33, along with other Saint-Gobain business units: Process Systems, Healthcare and Foams and Tapes. The K Show is known to experts as a prime trade fair for plastics and rubber worldwide and offers the biggest, broadest and most international range of exhibits. The previous show, held in 2010, was attended by 220,000 trade visitors and over 3,000 exhibitors from 56 countries participated, of which 93% of the surveyed exhibitors awarded the show high marks.

As an industrial leader in designing and manufacturing custom seals and polymer components (with over five decades experience in materials and product innovation), the Seals Group’s objectives in exhibiting at the K Show are to continue to cultivate their co-development relationships with their existing customer base as well as meet new prospects who are looking to improve efficiency and discover progressive technologies. Although there are many challenges facing the European plastics industry today, the Seals Group remains optimistic for the future due to its belief that the industry is in a constant process of technological evolution and their polymer solutions continue to be indispensable in most areas of their customers’ daily lives. Advanced polymer solutions have become increasingly common and their use has broadened into different markets, especially with sealing applications for many companies who are progressively active in this field. The Seals Group’s distinctive edge is their very close partnership with its customer base.

“Only by being closely connected with our customers, who are often market leaders in their respective fields, we are able to first understand their primary needs and then collaborate, engineer-to-engineer, to find long-term and efficient solutions,” said Chiara Repetto, Meldin Product Manager for Europe. “We are proud to consistently offer our customers not only materials and products that are of the utmost quality but also support and testing and design experience. No matter the problem, we are always able to custom design a viable solution, using our many global resources such as our engineering and R&D team.”

Repetto added, “We have a strong local sales and technical presence that are crucial links to our customers. Daily client contact along with knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over many decades have helped us understand emerging problems, which results in our manufacturing sites and R&D centers solving ‘ad hoc’ and difficult challenges. ”

At the K Show, the Seals Group will not only connect with existing customers but also support their German Meldin® 7000 distributor, BIEGLO (at Hall 08B, Booth #E65 – www.bieglo.de), who provides solutions to material-related questions with the most advanced polymer materials. Their partnership has broadened the scope of customer service and availability for this product line in Europe.