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Ruya Bayegan Recognized as Key Figure in the Global Petrochemical Industry

Ruya Bayegan, vice chairman of Bayegan Group, was recognized as one of most prominent personalities in the petrochemical industry during the 10th Global Petrochemical Conference awards ceremony, held in Frankfurt, Germany, in early June.
Ruya Bayegan was shortlisted in the category of “outstanding contribution to the petrochemical industry” and ranked in the third position, which also included Mohamed Al Mady from Sabic, Abdulaziz A. Al Zamil from Sipchem, Daniele Ferrari from Versalis and Saleh Fahad Al Nazha from Tasnee among many others who were shortlisted.
This recognition highlights the importance of Bayegan Group on the global level, where the company managed to be one of the key players in the industry, and the experience of Ruya Bayegan has helped the company to grow its business, and to open offices all around the world.
10th annual Global Petrochemicals Conference provided a critical platform for global leaders to meet colleagues from the petrochemical industry and put in place the vital components needed to provide strategic growth in the European petrochemical market and pursue joint venture opportunities with emerging markets.
The most important issues were tackled – increasing product quality, funding for R&D, investments into emerging markets and increasing energy efficiency and manufacturing operational excellence. With the importance of joint venture agreements across the world to access cheaper feedstocks, this meeting of international downstream leaders has firmly cemented itself in the diaries of the global petrochemical community.