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Rubber Devulcanization

rubber recycling lines : HSM devulcanization
Tomorrow, runners, tear trims and other production residues will be raw materials for direct recycling into production rather than waste!

Reversing the vulcanization has been for decades perceived to be an irreversible reaction.
This was before relying on Watson Brown who have developed a patented solution, the "HSM devulcanization technology" allowing for the reversal of the rubber vulcanization process.
The HSM technology (High Shear Mixing) is a "green" process without chemical additives breaking the bonds between the macromolecular chains without degrading them contrary to the milling techniques.

After the processing of the rubber scraps inside the recycling plant, regenerated material is recovered, which can partly replace the original material within a new batch.
This process allows reintegrating quantities, which are similar to the scrap rate generated by the processes without downcycling the characteristics of the compound.

Always concentrating on new complementary technologies to make available to its customers, REP understood that this process is a future solution for all rubber-involved industrials facing the increase in raw materials and the huge pressure to reduce their scrap rates.

Considering the shortage in the rubber market with supply unable to keep up with rapidly growing demand, particularly from Asia or India, there is no doubt about the promising future of devulcanization centres.

REP therefore decided to found a partnership with Watson Brown who is operating 2 plants in Germany and Canada, so as to offer its customers a solution to devulcanize their production residues and other scraps generated during the rubber production process.

REP and Watson Brown think about opening an international devulcanization network in the very near future close to the customers' production sites or grant licences to those who would like to integrate this technology.

Once again, REP concentrates on enhancing the competitiveness of its customers by offering new