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Rotary joints save energy

Serries 7200

Rotary joints have many different advantages. For example, they can save a considerable amount of energy if they rotate with little friction and are optimised with respect to flow. Some savings are only possible at all with rotary joint. Wing and engine cleaning systems operated with rotary unions from HAAG + ZEISSLER bring kerosene savings of up to 2%.

With their simple, trendsetting design, rotary joints from HAAG + ZEISSLER are durable and suitable for many areas of application. Two different lapped seal pairs are offered: carbon graphite/silicon carbide (N-model) as the standard version and silicon carbide/silicon carbide (D-model) for heavy-duty operating conditions.

The housings of the ROTARIONâ product line are made of brass or stainless steel; all other metallic components are manufactured in stainless steel. The sealing system is pre-tensioned by springs located outside the media flow in order to minimise pressure losses and turbulence. There are special versions for air, vacuum and high speeds (up to 25000 rpm).

The ROTARIONâ product line is supplemented by rotary joints from the 9001 series with CD Cartridge Design and bellows system as well as swivel joints.