Rosti revs up to meet 2016-2017 ambitious sales target

In 2010, when Nordstjernan, a family-owned Swedish investment group acquired the Sweden-based Rosti Group, the injection molder's annual sales were below the 200 million euro mark. Today, in 2014, the Rosti Group is on its way to delivering on its 2014 revenue target of 400 million, and has announced a major program of investment, designed to take the group to its new goal of 600 million euros in 2016-2017.

Talking with Tez Kurwie, Rosti Group's sales & business development director, about the group's impressive development over the past years, it became clear that a big part of this success was due to the group's attention to customer care. "Out of, say, 50 customers or so, we have maybe 15 really big customers who generate 90% of our sales," he said. "We are extremely reactive to our customers' long-term needs. This means that we go where they go, because they want us to be there. Local doesn't always match up. Our customers have experienced how we operate, in terms of reliability, trust, technical capabilities and basic ethical standards, and they are confident that we understand their business; that's what they want in, for example, Asia, as well as Europe."

He continued: "That's how we're building the business organically."

An expansive program of investment has therefore been put in place to fund this growth. Over the next two years, the group will invest 60 million euros in expanding and building new facilities at various locations around the world. "These are investments that are based on actual awards from customers," Kurwie said. "This is the result of our sales drive over the last two years."

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