Roll Concept

Roll Concept, the unique Alveotube® manufacturer !

Present since 1991 on the roller manufacturing market, Roll Concept has gained strong position thanks to its well-known Alveotube® profile

What distinguishes our Alveotube® rollers and winding cores is that they are based on an aluminium profile combined with an alveolar structure! This special characteristic allows users to save money and gain in productivity. In fact, thanks to their alveolar structure, the Roll Concept’s products, combined stiffness and low inertia. Moreover, their manufacturing in anodized aluminium makes them light, without any risk of rust, and perfectly adapted to plastic and rubber industries.

Specific treatments and coatings
The added value of Roll Concept’s is partly due to our mastering and expertise in surface treatment, allowing us to adapt our product to customer specific needs : anodization to increase surface hardness, plasma coating to prevent adhesive coated products from sticking on the roller, hard chromium for a wear well surface, Teflon® coating to avoid product sliding or hot product sticking, or also sand blasting for applications needing rough surfaces for a better web driving, or marking application or liquid coating etc.

Concentric and balanced rollers !
Another strong point of our technical rollers and winding cores is their high quality geometry and surface state. Roller rotating ability depends on its concentricity between the surface of external diameter and the surface of internal diameter. This high original concentricity could be enhanced to respond specific stress of high speed applications. This surface machining also allows managing table surface state (rough). Depending on the product in contact with the roller, the line speed… surface state is a very important parameter. Moreover for high speed application, balancing machine is offering customers vibration free rollers.

Universal core adpator Corexal®
With a wealth of experience behind it, Roll Concept has developed a specific winding core, the Corexal®. Air or mechanical shafts which support cardboard winding cores during winding operations have usually an internal diameter of 3˝ (76.2 mm). But generally it’s necessary to rewind on 6˝ internal diameter winding cores (152.4mm). Air shafts today solutions need adaptation, pneumatic supply, they are heavy and fragile… Roll Concept has developed an universal core adaptor: this mechanical solution allows to wind on a 6˝ winding core whilst using a 3˝ shaft, without any electrical, air, water, mounting, tools or internal diameter modification. When the 3’’ shaft is inflated, it opens the adaptor allowing to support the 6’’ cardboard winding cores. After air shaft deflating, a spring allows to remove the cardboard winding core. Such as all Roll Concept’s product range, Corexal® could be provided in various lengths, with different surface finishes to fulfil customer’s needs.

Turnkey rollers
Roll Concept is definitely a human sized company. Flexibility and short reaction times are our day to day goal. Thanks to an important profile stock, numerous equipment such as drilling machine, balancing machine, straightening press, Roll Concept proposes adapted services, from simple profile to ready to be installed solutions !