Rinco Ultrasonics awarded two U.S. patents for ultrasonic sealing for flexible packaging


Rinco Ultrasonics has recently been awarded two U.S. patents for its PPS0145 film sealing technology for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible pouch packaging. The patented technology has resulted in what the company calls the development of a "high-force, high-speed solution," which enables users to increase seal strength, improve aesthetics and broaden the processing window. Rinco made the announcement at Pack Expo (Nov. 2-5; McCormick Place in Chicago).

The two new patents were recently granted to Gordon Hull, U.S. managing director of Rinco Ultrasonics. "We believe we've developed a next-generation actuator which shatters the preconceived notion that ultrasonic seals must be unattractive, narrow and straight," Hull said. "Further, the new technology significantly opens the processing window for the ultrasonic sealing process." Rinco's plan is to strengthen its position in flexible packaging with these film sealing solutions.

Rinco's new patented technologies include an ultra-narrow, high-speed/high-force actuator (US 8,591,679) and a pedestal-mounted high-force actuator retrofit system (US 8,689,850). These new systems from Rinco fit most major in-line horizontal or rotary horizontal pouch filling machinery.
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