Rhodia positions its PA6.10 as a substitute for PA-12


The automotive industry continues to scramble to locate a suitable alternative material to replace PA-12 in applications such as tubing and hoses in brake lines, and injection molded components such as fuel quick connectors and other under-the-hood applications. While many material suppliers are working to find substitute materials to promote to the market during the shortage of PA-12, Rhodia Engineering Plastics division of Solvay Group, says it has a material alternative that has already proven its suitability as a drop-in solution for a variety of applications where PA-12 is typically used.

In an interview with PlasticsToday, Alan Dubin, Business Development and Technical Service Manager for Rhodia in North America, explained that the company began evaluating its TechnyleXten PA6.10 about 18 months ago, and finds that the material is a "versatile alternative to long chain polyamides such as PA-12."

"Technyl eXten is a bio-sourced material that is 65% synthesized from sources not using fossil fuel," Dubin said. "While some customers are interested in this as a part of their sustainability solutions, more recent interested has been generated by the shortage of PA-12."
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