Rhodia forms partnerships for transportation lightweighting


Rhodia Engineering Plastics (Paris La Défense) has entered into two partnerships to promote the use of polyamide-based thermoplastic composites in lightweighting for the automotive and marine sectors.

Rhodia is partnering with seat manufacturer Faurecia (Nanterre, France) in the Lightweight Hybrid Composite Structures (LYCOS) project to design and develop metal-substituting seat cushion structural components, this time using Evolite thermoplastic composites based on its Technyl polyamide resins. "Co-innovation projects compress R&D schedules and represent a significant step towards the introduction of advanced polyamide thermoplastic composite materials as a competitive alternative to steel for automotive structural parts and applications," said Thierry Renault, Manager of Partnerships & Expertise Network of Faurecia Automotive Seating.

Rhodia is also partnering with the Finot Group (Vannes, France) in the marine sector to develop a lightweight and environmentally-friendly 4.3-m sailing boat known as the Albatros with a hull manufactured using Evolite thermoplastic composite. The hull consists of three-parts which are thermoformed by SORA Composites (Meslay Du Maine, France). The three parts are bonded together to produce a hull which is light yet structurally rigid, has high impact resistance and is recyclable.
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