Rhodia and Avantium team up to develop biobased polyamides


Specialty chemical company Rhodia, a member of the Solvay Group, and Dutch research and technology company Avantium announced today that they have entered into a partnership to jointly develop a range of new biobased polyamides.

This partnership expands and completes the previously announced development agreement in the field of bio-based engineering plastics between Solvay and Avantium.

Avantium is in the process of commercializing its YXY (pronounced "iksy") technology, a catalytic method of carbohydrate conversion for production of biobased "furanic" chemical building blocks. Rhodia will test the YXY building blocks for engineering applications in various areas, such as consumer goods, automotive and electronic materials. The two companies have entered into a multi-year, exclusive collaboration towards commercialization of these new polyamides and together will explore the global market for bio-sourced polyamides....
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