Retailers, Cola giants, resin producers spearhead CMT’s 11th LAPET this November

As the world's second largest consumer of PET bottles and the biggest consumer of cola products, the average Mexican citizen drinks and discards two bottles per day. That equals nearly six kilograms of PET bottles per capita annually, contributing to a yearly national total of about 750,000 tons of PET. A recent survey found that, for the typical Mexican household, sodas constitute the third largest expense, after tortillas and milk.

Calling Mexico the epicenter of PET conversion boom in Latin America, CMT's LAPET conference will enter its 11th year on November 20-22 in Mexico City, highlighting some of the key trends in the PET industry in Latin America. The stage is set to welcome a congregation of PET resin producers/ suppliers, feedstock suppliers, polyester manufacturers, retailers, and many other PET industry stakeholders deliberating on the future of PET in Latin America, while stressing on balancing trade, trends and technologies.

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