Resin spray transmission technology gains traction in auto sector


Automakers are very interested in carbon fiber composite processing technologies that boast significantly lower processing costs. One such process promising such potential is Resin Spray Transmission (RST) from Quickstep Technologies (North Coogee, Australia).

RST was funded through the AusIndustry Climate Ready Grant Scheme of the Australian government. The three-year, A$5.2 million ($5.4 million) project will be completed in May 2012 with the purpose of proving the RST technology and developing a prototype production system utilizing the RST and Quickstep technology for production of an automotive concept panel.

The low-pressure, low-cost process can use dry fiber and bulk resin as opposed to the pre-pregs employed in conventional autoclaved composites. Freezers are also not required for raw material storage. Resins employed in RST are stored at room temperature and melt at 40-50°C. A bladder filled with polyethylene glycol (PEG) is employed to dissipate the high exotherm of the rapid-curing resins....
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