Resin drying and moisture measurement made easy, in your office, in an hour


No cost is of greater consequence to injection molders than that of their resin and compounds; all the more reason to ensure you properly prepare hydrophilic plastics before molding with them. To help, we've organized a webinar on the topic, free to you.

During this webinar, internationally recognized injection molding expert Mike Sepe will discuss which materials require drying, methods of drying with their advantages and disadvantages, and proper moisture measurement. It's easy to register for the webinar here.

If you work with PC, PET or other water-loving plastics, or think you soon may, then this webinar is a must for you and your colleagues, Invest an hour with Mike Sepe and you'll leave the webinar a better plastics processor. The event will be July 29, 2011 at 12:00ET. The 60-minute webinar includes a 40-45-minute presentation, and then time for your questions. We look forward to having you join us....
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