Superior Graphite Europe Ltd.

Resilient Graphtic Carbon / additive for Engineered Polymers

Superior Graphite launched over the last 2 years a new Graphite product line called "Resilient Graphitic Carbon". Those are manufactured from premium Petroleum Coke and Graphitized in the "Unique and Patented " Superior Graphite Thermal Purification Process.
One of the main feature, beneath the very high purity obtained, is the dramatic increase of the material porosity and thus of the specific surface area which can be measured by the change of Resiliency (Spring Back effect).
Due to this property RGC very fine grades (d50= 4-10 um)are easily mixed and perfectly well dispersed into the polymer matrix without creating dust into the mixing equipment (no fines are generated).
In terms of performances, an important reduction of the specific wear and coefficient of friction has been demonstrated using only 5% of RGC addition in PEEK, PA66 or PBT for ex.
At same time the mechanical properties like Tensile Strength remain under control even with additions up to 20%.
Some industrial applications have already been found:
- Anti Friction Coatings for engine piston skirts (PAI)
- Plain Bearings for Diesel Injection Pumps (PEEK)
- Friction torque limiter for dampened flyingwheel clutch (PEEK)

Recent join work and testing on high tech new generation of tribometers performed in Germany with a spin off company demonstrated performances of the material as such or associated with some other additives when top performances are required

Superior Graphite RGC are produced in Sweden and USA