Reshoring Initiative’s Harry Moser named to Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame


The Reshoring Initiative, founded by Harry Moser, who spent 22 years as president of Charmilles Technologies Corp., now GF Agie Charmilles, has become Moser’s passion over the past year. The Initiative has grown in scope and provides useful information, data, and tools for manufacturers to calculate their cost of ownership for offshoring work to an LLCC (Low Labor Cost Country). Recently Industry Week inducted Moser into its Manufacturing Hall of Fame, which honors individuals for their overall contribution to American manufacturing.

In 2011, the Initiative will progress from Phase 1 (broad communication and dissemination of the concept and tools) to Phase 2 (regionally focused reshoring events that result in a measured number of jobs actually brought back). The Reshoring Initiative’s Purchasing Fairs are designed to help U.S. manufacturers find competitive U.S. suppliers, and meet face-to-face in one-on-one introduction events that will result in more business for U.S. manufacturers. ...
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