Renewable Remarks: TULiPPS flourishing as plastics simplify solar module assembly


Earlier this year PlasticsToday brought you news from TULiPPS Solar (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) about the company's success developing new flame retardant thermoplastic automotive-grade composite materials for use with solar panels. The company recently announced a new product using this technology that will be commercially available next year: a 500 Watt-peak (Wp) lightweight PV module that has the largest-capacity in the solar industry.

Due to its thin, strong solar glass on the front, a thin glass PV laminate on a composite module base on the back, and a frameless solar panel support system using lightweight long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) polypropylene (PP) composite, the 500 Watt panel has the thinnest stack and lightest installed weight in the industry. 

The120-cell modules have the same height and weight as a standard 280Watt panel with 72 cells and an aluminum frame, despite being 60% wider.

The innovation concerns not only the panels. Using flame retardant LFT-PP roof mounts makes it possible to use these massive (but light) modules in different ways because of what is missing - the aluminum frame...
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