Renewable Remarks: Integrating with flexible solar


As low cost options for manufacturing photovoltaic (PV) cells on flexible substrates mature, more facilities dedicated to producing flexible thin film PV are constructed, such as the new plant opened by Global Solar this week in Germany.

These PV cells manufactured on flexible substrates are not only useful when combined with flexible surfaces such as membranes or fabric. There are many rigid applications where flexible PV cells are desired because they are lightweight. These applications provide opportunities to combine plastics with solar, two of which are now timely to consider.

Processes for integrating into molds
The first opportunity is integrating PV into a plastic component producing a single piece or pieces that fit seamlessly together by design. Flexible PV manufacturers such as Konarka, PowerFilm Solar, Unisolar, and Global Solar are now working with their customers to elegantly integrate solar power into a variety of new product designs. Their customers design truck bodies, train, golf cart or cart roofs, building materials, or cell phones with integrated PV cells.

Plastics manufacturers with capabilities and ideas about how to build solar cells into their molds and other processes will offer durability and design advantages to their customers that make integrated PV the most desirable option for new applications. ...
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