Reimagining shoebox packaging with … plastics

NBA players love their sneakers. This is probably why almost every star has a signature line of basketball shoes. With the NBA Draft and the mind-boggling Pierce-Garnett trade to the Nets (what is going on in Boston?) still dominating headlines, I decided to take a look at a creative shoe packaging design.

When you think of shoe packaging, what comes to mind? Probably some version of a cardboard box, right? It's functional and traditional, but let's face it, not the most exciting form of packaging out there.

Well, a Berlin-based agency would like to see a little more "air" in shoe packaging. Circling around the Internet is a design by Scholz & Friends that incorporates Nike's Air cushioning of the brand. The sneakers are enclosed in plastic packaging, which is said to give the sneakers an "illusion" of floating.

I reached out to Markus Mayr, head of corporate communications for Scholz & Friends, and he said the Nike packaging is right now just an idea....

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