Reifenhäuser expands winding reach with Nuova Protex acquisition

Reifenhäuser Group has acquired Nuova Protex, an Italian manufacturer of take-up winding systems for synthetic fibers including monofilaments, multifilaments, raffia, flat tape and strapping tape as well as supplementary components. The company, which had collaborated with Reifenhäuser for more than 25 years, will become part of Reifenhäuser's Reimotech subsidiary.

The new company will operate as Reimotec Winding Technology and completes the Reimotec product range of monofilament, artificial turf, and strapping tape lines.

The current managing director Pino Manieri will retain his position.

Reifenhäuser's Otto Kuhl told PlasticsToday his company has been developing, planning and manufacturing equipment for the production of monofilaments and strapping tapes for 40 years. In 2001, it founded the Reimotech subsidiary especially for this group of products.

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