Regional Focus: Molding a global medtech hub in Massachusetts


Massachusetts is one of the top five medtech hubs in the world in terms of manufacturing and innovation, according to Mark Bonifacio. As the owner of Bonifacio Consulting Services (BCS; Natick MA), a consultancy dedicated to medical manufacturing and outsourcing, and co-founder of Apec, a medtech contract manufacturer that was sold to Helix Medical, Bonifacio knows a bit about the industry. He may be slightly biased given his geographical base, but he's not alone in touting the state's medical device manufacturing credentials. In its recent countdown of medtech innovation hubs, sister publication MPMN placed the Boston/Cambridge area at the top, calling it "one of the most important areas on the planet for medical research."

A confluence of factors have established and solidified the state's standing as a medtech Mecca, but what is perhaps most instructive is the way in which the present and the future are an extension of the past. Here are five reasons why Massachusetts continues to set the mold for medical manufacturing.
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