Recycling week in Florida


Recycling of plastics is alive and well in Florida, and most everywhere else. The public thinks it's cool to be green, and that recycling is green. That means money to those who are good at buying and selling. There are still issues -- commercial, technical and political -- around the quality and quantity of supply and the separation into streams for maximum value, but it hasn't dampened the enthusiasm. Recycling is in.

One proof of their importance is the 1,700 or so people who showed up in Orlando to attend the Plastics Recycling conference and associated exhibition on March 11-12, and the hundreds more who stayed over in Orlando or came specifically for the SPE environmental division conference, March 13-14. If you didn't attend and want to know who's what, get the meeting catalog from Resource Recycling and the conference program from SPE, Furthermore, Resource Recycling offers free access to past articles at

There were many important topics on the table: (very) brief summaries follow. In a subsequent issue of PlasticsToday, I'll have a summary of the SPE technical papers: speakers, affiliations, and my condensation of the subject and conclusions. Don't miss it, and do follow up with the presenters on work that is important to you. Here are some of the topics:
Read more:Here are some of the topics: