CTS - Compound Technology Services (CTS TCT Polska)

Recyclable steering wheel produced with foamed Tefabloc TPE instead of PU.

CTS has recently developed a range of foamed TPE material to produce steering wheels in replacement of PU. These Tefabloc formulations are a proprietary technology based on a TPE-S matrix foamed with a hybrid expansion system offering a fine and perfect dispersion of the cells inside the matrix.
According to Franck Ruel - CTS Global Automotive Sales Director – Tefabloc offers two main advantages compared to existing solution : It is 100% recyclable and it provides economical advantages (scraps reduction because there are no burrs to remove at the mould parting line and shorter production time). This proven technology already equipped the last Renault Megane launched during 2008, and the new Renault Scenic in 2009.
Franck Ruel is also considering this innovation for steering wheels as the continuity of the technological breakthrough done for airbag covers, for which the CTS Tefabloc TPE ranks N°1 in Europe and N° 3 worldwide.
At the end, it is also important to highlight the Marvyflo, a range of free flowing vinyl compounds for the slush molding of instrument panel skins. These key applications dedicated to Interior parts gives CTS a perfect knowledge of the current and future interior automotive requirements like low FOG/VOC, invisible airbag, light colors, green materials, weight reduction etc… .
CTS (www.cts-compound.com) is member of Tessenderlo Group (www.tessenderlo.com) and will exhibit at the automotive VDI conference the 17-18 March in Manheim.