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Recent news — FIPA Thermalon® vacuum cups for mark-free handling of hot plastic parts

Thermalon® vacuum cups handle hot plastic parts without leaving marks

Flat and bellows vacuum cups in different sizes/heat-resistant up to 320°F
Clean Pick & Place functionality: FIPA GmbH will present flat and bellows vacuum cups made from the new Thermalon® material for the first time at the K 2010 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 27 to November 3. The heat-resistant, mark-free, as well as silicon-free vacuum cups are particularly suitable for hot plastic parts that still have to be coated after taking them out of the injection molding machine.

Flexible, process-safe and specifically tailored to the plastics industry — The extremely mark-free Thermalon® material ensures that the flat and bellows vacuum cups (1.5 and 2.5 bellows) leave no marks when handling injection moldings.

Thanks to high heat resistance of Thermalon®, the vacuum cups remain reliable at temperatures of up to 320°F. Furthermore, the robust and wear-resistant material withstands the impact of oil and chemicals.

Thermalon® — Suitable vacuum cups for every application

Diameter of 5 mm to 63 mm: The broad size range of the new Thermalon® vacuum cups offers companies the greatest possible flexibility in Pick & Place in the plastics industry. "The development of our products and solutions always takes place according to specific requirements and areas of use in the individual sectors. We give our customers appropriate and efficient solutions with our comprehensive and modularly constructed standard range of products in vacuum technology and gripper assembly,” said Rainer Mehrer, President and Owner of FIPA.

These high standards are also consistently upheld by the new Thermalon® vacuum cups.