Real wood feel, function in a wood polymer composite


"Fully fibrous" is how Eovations describes its wood polymer composite (WPC) product, a technology that originated at a British polymer research institution and was a Dow Chemical project at one time. The patented process results in a composite profile that "replicates the fibrous structure of wood and creates a unique combination of strength, durability, aesthetic and workability properties," according to company information.

Dick McBride, general manager of operations at Universal Forest Products Inc., which is Eovations' parent company, told PlasticsToday that the company already has some commercial applications applying the technology. These include siding and trim, produced in Selma, AL, as well as OEM door components.

At this point, the company is both selling technology licenses and making composite components itself. McBride said there are currently no licensees, but added that, "A number of companies have expressed interest in the technology, and we continue discussions with many prospective licensees in a range of industries."
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