Readers sound off: On drug violence in Mexico, free trade harming U.S. manufacturing, and kudos to The Extrusion Expert


A number of articles we published late last week drew extensive commentary from readers. From readers who described leaving Mexico after 7 years due to the increasing violence there, to the spirited discourse on whether free trade truly is harming U.S. manufacturers, to some very nice comments on our new Ask the Extrusion Expert column- we welcome all comments. Keep them clean, keep them civil but definitely keep them coming.

Glenn Beall's editorial that free trade and FTAs have harmed U.S. manufacturing caused some to question his argument, while others were in full agreement. Making a strong argument for free trade was a reader who commented, "Exporting is one of the fastest growing segments of our business! Isn't it natural and smart to see a potential customer base of 6 billion rather than 280 million?"

The give-and-take among readers was very positive. And one came out of the woodwork from Glenn's past, too, writing, "Glenn, I worked for you for 17 years and it was the best 17 years of my life. You ran the company well and we ALL profited from it. You had all molds built and run in this country-and still made a profit. I too believe greed is too rampant in this country."...
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