Radar Sensor for Continuous Level Measurement of Bulk Solids


Vega introduces a new radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids. The Vegapuls SR 68 was specially designed for level measurement in silos and bunkers with heights up to 30 meters.

The SR 68 is Vega's attemp to cover the customers' wish for a reliable level sensor for measuring ranges up to 30 meters, the Company says. It features the radar technology of Vega's earlier sensors with the measurement distance of typical medium-height silos. According to Vega, the sensor is uninfluenced by dust, noise and strong air currents during filling and well suited for a wide variety of bulk solids applications.

The sensor concept allows individual adaptation to the respective requirements of the measuring point. Antenna covers are available for dust protection and rinsing connections for keeping the sensors free of sticky bulk material. Different antenna systems with process separators of plastic and ceramic make application in environments over +250 °C possible.