Race for next big coronary stent device heats up


A new clinical trial will soon begin enrolling patients for the ReZolve 2, a second-generation bioresorbable coronary stent made from a plastic said to offer a 40% improvement in radial strength. The Rezolve 2 also is 20% smaller than the first version of the stent developed by Reva Medical (San Diego, CA).

Bioresorbable stents are designed to provide the same benefits as traditional metal stents with the additional benefit of being dissolved by the body over time.

The leader in the field is Abbott, which last week announced the enrollment of 2,250 patients in a clinical trial in the United States to compare the performance of the Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS) device to a drug eluting stent system made of metal. Reva's trial will involve up to 125 patients outside of the United States, which has the toughest standards for introduction of new devices....
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