RTP reports progress in engineered PLA compounds


"Can we get bio-content into high performance engineered products?," asked Mark Bennick, Technology Manager at the Singapore operation of RTP Company (Winona, MN). Judging from his presentation at the recent 3rd International Conference for South & Southeast Asia on Innovations in High Performance Engineering Plastics in Singapore the answer is yes.

Bennick introduce a polylactic acid (PLA) grade‑RTP2099 X 124789 E‑ incorporating a copolymer impact modifier that boasted performance on a par with high impact polystyrene used in LCD TV housings where a notched impact strength of 2.0 ft.lb./in. is required. "The 95% bio-content PLA grade clears this, as well as tensile and flexural requirements, although heat deflection temperature at 66 psi is 151 deg F (66 deg C) versus 190 deg F (88 deg C) f0r HIPS....
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