RKW: US Film Producer Danafilms acquired - Expands North American Presence

RKW SE recently announced its acquisition of Danafilms, Inc., a Westborough, Massachusetts, USA, based film producer. This expansion provides RKW and Danafilms the ability to better serve the North American market for plastic films. Danafilms' President, Sherman Olson, and the management team will remain with the company in their current roles.

Danafilms was founded in 1970 in Westborough, Massachusetts, by Sherman Olson and has steadily built a strong reputation for innovation and customer service. The company has continually expanded its manufacturing capacity in Westborough and in a Franklin, Kentucky facility built in 2000. Danafilms recently completed a substantial addition to the Franklin plant.

Danafilms products include lamination, label, lidding and barrier films. Its principal customers are in the converting segment of the plastics industry, serving the food and beverage, pet food, landscape/gardening and industrial sectors. They also provide custom film for specialized industrial applications. Danafilms is ISO certified and produces both mono- and up to 7-layer co-extruded films.

Strong Growth
The RKW Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality polyethylene and polypropylene films, nonwovens and nets. Following a careful strategy of growth, RKW has quadrupled in size over the past 12 years, to include 19 facilities throughout Europe, Egypt and Vietnam. The Group operates in five major Global Business Areas: Industrial Films, Industrial Packaging, Consumer Packaging, Agricultural Films and Nets as well as Hygiene and Medical Films.

RKW expects current Danafilms' customers to benefit from the new affiliation. Under RKW's decentralized management structure, customers will continue to deal with existing relationships and RKW products and services will be added to Danafilms' portfolio.

Together with the existing RKW sales office near Atlanta, Georgia, the acquisition of Danafilms will provide RKW with three locations in the US serving the North American market.