A/S Maskinfabrikken RIVAL (RIVAL A/S)

RIVAL adjustable calibrating sleeve - Savings of raw material

The RIVAL® adjustable calibrating sleeve is a precision tool which is easy to operate and enables even minute pipe diameter corrections.

Sirea in Italy has successfully used RIVAL’s adjustable calibrating sleeves, and the company has equipped almost all of its production lines with the RIVAL adjustable calibrating sleeve.

Everybody keeps an eye on raw material cost, and here in Italy we are happy with the RIVAL adjustable calibrating sleeve, which saves us money when buying raw materials for production – between one and two per cent in fact. Now, that may not sound like much, but if you’re buying up to 50 million euros worth of materials every year, it adds up to savings of 1 million euros annually,” Says Walter Cristofori, Sirea together with Giuseppe Marini, Plastek and a 110 mm RIVAL adjustable calibrating sleeve.