RFQs made easy with new online form for melt filtration and machine nozzles


Incoe Corp.'s online Request for Quotation form has been expanded to include both SPM Melt Filtration Nozzles and XRN Machine nozzles to ease ordering of these products. Incoe said that its online RFQ form was expanded due to the "positive use of the current Hot Runner System RFQ online" form since late 2009.

The SPM Material Filers for advanced melt filtration eliminate foreign particles before entering the hot runner system allowing trouble-free processing and superior part quality, noted Incoe.

The company's XRN injection molding machine nozzles offer injection molders a "robust and dependable temperature controlled nozzle to deliver precise melt temperature at the point of injection." The XRN nozzle can b configured to integrate easily with your new or existing molding machine.

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